Wednesday, December 29, 2010

looking back at 2010...

I decided to take a trip down memory lane this afternoon... NOT a good thing. :) Here are the goals I set for myself to work towards in 2010... (I wanted to be able to say these things as of 12/31/10)....

1. I have lost 20 pounds
2. I have quit soda altogether
3. We FINALLY finished painting the interior of our home... (this has been an ongoing project for over 4 years.... you can stop laughing now...)
4. I tried seafood (I have a weird seafood phobia.... just typing that out has me almost "enjoying" a panic attack... it's rather bizarre...)
5. I no longer spend just because I can... I have been able to put more into savings rather than into junk we don't need.

Well... I can officially say one of them. #3... the house was FINALLY painted this summer/fall. As for the rest of them... yeah.... not happening.

Let's reflect a moment on each task...

1. I tried REALLY hard to lose the 20lbs. Was working out 4 times a week doing an hour of cardio each time. Also incorporated strength training. I never saw any sort of results... NADA, ZIP... NOTHING! But... now I sort of know why. The big "C" - cancer. Now saying this is all to blame... but thyroid cancer totally screws up your metabolism. HOPEFULLY now that the path to health has been embarked upon... but this time in 2011, I will have lost 30 lbs! :)

2. soda... i tried SEVERAL times. lame, right? not sure what it's going to take to quit drinking soda. miracle? :)

3. YEAH!!!

4. I was sincerely planning to try seafood while on our annual FL vacation this year. Had it all planned out - a grouper sandwich from Pompano Joe's. :) BUT... then the oil spill happened and I decided I'd rather wait a year. So... 2011 is my year! :)

5. I've done better with this. Not perfection by any claim... but better. Rather than boosting our savings, we've been trying to pay down debt... in a MAJOR way.

So that's the official rundown of 2010 goals. Time to start thinking about 2011... it's been a rough end to 2010... and possibly a rough start to 2011... but it can only go up, right?!

HAPPY NEW YEAR (a bit early...!)!!!!!