Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I heard "the chud" playing with water in the bathroom today... NEVER a good thing. He came out and told me he had brushed his teeth... ALWAYS a good thing... sort of. I went in to inspect and this is what I found...

Don't you just love his brushstrokes? How he used the "paint" to make such intricate designs? GENIUS!! :)

Then I realized how neon PINK this toothpaste is... EWWW! It's so not natural!

Ignoring the gunk on my drain of the sink (we have REALLY hard water... it tends to bulk up) can you see how PINK this is?? WOWZERS... grab your shades... the stuff is blinding. My poor boys...

Friday, August 21, 2009


This is coming to Columbus in September... I'm already SO excited to go! Crazy, eh? Usually I HATE (and it's a pretty serious distaste) craft fairs... but this one is CALLING MY NAME!!! So, if you live in the Columbus, OH area and aren't busy Sept 18, 19, or 20... let me know! :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What does your home say about you??

Today while making daughter's bed (clean sheet day - WOOHOO!) I was listening to one of our local radio stations. They asked the question - when people walk into your house, what impression are they left with? What does your home say about you - and who you are... what you're about? Of course... this got me thinking.

The only thing that REALLY stood out in my brain about my home - is that I am far from perfect. I would LOVE to have a perfect "show" home... no toys laying around, shoes always in the right place, etc.... but hello reality. Harsh as it can be sometimes.

My home is a work in progress - literally. Walls painted as high as I can reach, walls ready for crown moulding, other odds n ends unfinished. We have a few cobwebs, crumbs on the floor, stains on the carpet. Nails holes that need to be filled. I tend to start things then NEVER finish them :).... not really, but it can take a while.

What I want people to "get" from my home - I love life as crazy as it can be sometimes. People are more important than things. My family is MAJOR important, but in all honesty, my faith is more important. I hate stuff... less is more.

This whole thought process has made me realize that I have a few things to work on.

How about you gals out there in "blogland"... what does your home say about YOU??

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just had to share....

This is what rolled in about an hour AFTER the fishing trip....

Kind of glad they made it home when they did!

"Little Nemo" FL fishing trip!

One of the cool things about the rental company we use while in FL is the amenities they offer. Free golf, food, video rental... and this year a free adult/child fishing trip. FUN! The kids went with dad... on a 3 hour tour... (you HAVE to sing that part!).

Can you see how excited they are (HA HA HA).....

Each kid had a chance to "drive" the boat. Always a fun experience... they thought it was totally cool. (Sorry about the weird colors... I've been experimenting with the camera and forgot to change it back before they left....)

Apparently "I" didn't care too much about the actual fishing part... just the fish in the cooler. He was totally fascinated with them...

So can you tell how exhausted "I" is at this point... poor kid! "R" would have stayed out for HOURS if she could.

All in all, they had a really good time. They saw dolphins (which I didn't get to see ANY of - and i LOVE LOVE LOVE dolphins!) and dad thinks he saw a shark. Another one of the dad's thought so too - which means it MUST'VE been a shark :). I said it was probably a tuna.

Good times!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trash to Treasure Tuesday...

I've been wanting to share this "trash to treasure" for a while now... but never take the time to do it. So today... I'm jumping in to this new "realm" of fun!

We found two of these chairs in the trash - literally. Dragged them home. Looked at their ugliness for FAR too long before FINALLY being inspired to try something.

After sanding, priming, spray painting (my NEW bff!!), and picking out some cute fabric... here is the finished product...

Not super exciting... but a HUGE difference. Now I'm not totally embarrassed to have these in our house. :) I just need to find a few more chairs so I can have a full set....

Our Florida Vacation in pics... part one....

We had SO much fun on our trip south... we didn't get to go last year, so this year was EXTRA special. It was WONDERFUL not having to worry about diapers, bottles, naps... all that "fun" stuff. Basically all we did was hit the beach in the morning... then pool... the rest/lunch... then beach... then pool... the crash into bed! We had waves most days... which the kids really had fun playing in. Thank the Lord for cheapie wave boards from the cheesy tourist outlet stores. Best $5 we spent the whole trip! The older two kids and dad went on a fishing boat excursion... more to come on that later....

He spent HOURS looking for shells in the water... but only found bits and pieces... but... we had to save them all and bring them home!

Watch for him on the pro-circuit some day....

Off to "surf" again... by the time we left, she could FINALLY do it without help :)!

This was his house for the morning... I made about 5 million trips back and forth to the water trying to fill it up for him. Not worth the effort... even for the 2 minutes it was sort of full...

A very proud moment... riding the wave all on her OWN!

I'll have more pics to come soon. Right now it's lunch time and I'm STARVING. The joys of hitting the gym for the first time in a week and a half. UGH! Talk about painful!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Organization help.... PLEASE!

I know SO many of you here in "blogland" are organized to the max. I need your help... DESPERATELY! The kids just got home from school and I am SO overwhelmed with the task of keeping 2 kids stuff straight in my head. Whether it be homework or snack info... or just basic stuff that they bring home - what's YOUR trick? I'd hate to be the mom that NEVER gets her act together... but I kind of feel panicky that it might happen this year.


*sniff sniff*

We've only been home for 2 days (not even technically) and already the kids are back-to-school! WOW! My babies are getting so big!! A kindergardener and a second grader. Breaks my heart... but I LOVE the little people they're growing up to be.

I didn't even cry when "red" walked right into his K classroom without hanging on to my leg (MIRACLE!!). He found his name at his table right away, sat right down, and was ready to get to work. "R" didn't have as easy of a time... her BFF isn't in her class this year. We knew last week already, but decided not to traumatize her with the news. Rather - we told her to wait and see on the first day. No tears thankfully, but I could tell she was really bummed.

Now it's just "J" and mom... I wonder what kind of trouble the two of us can get into today? Hobby Lobby anyone??? :)