Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Little Nemo" FL fishing trip!

One of the cool things about the rental company we use while in FL is the amenities they offer. Free golf, food, video rental... and this year a free adult/child fishing trip. FUN! The kids went with dad... on a 3 hour tour... (you HAVE to sing that part!).

Can you see how excited they are (HA HA HA).....

Each kid had a chance to "drive" the boat. Always a fun experience... they thought it was totally cool. (Sorry about the weird colors... I've been experimenting with the camera and forgot to change it back before they left....)

Apparently "I" didn't care too much about the actual fishing part... just the fish in the cooler. He was totally fascinated with them...

So can you tell how exhausted "I" is at this point... poor kid! "R" would have stayed out for HOURS if she could.

All in all, they had a really good time. They saw dolphins (which I didn't get to see ANY of - and i LOVE LOVE LOVE dolphins!) and dad thinks he saw a shark. Another one of the dad's thought so too - which means it MUST'VE been a shark :). I said it was probably a tuna.

Good times!

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