Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What does your home say about you??

Today while making daughter's bed (clean sheet day - WOOHOO!) I was listening to one of our local radio stations. They asked the question - when people walk into your house, what impression are they left with? What does your home say about you - and who you are... what you're about? Of course... this got me thinking.

The only thing that REALLY stood out in my brain about my home - is that I am far from perfect. I would LOVE to have a perfect "show" home... no toys laying around, shoes always in the right place, etc.... but hello reality. Harsh as it can be sometimes.

My home is a work in progress - literally. Walls painted as high as I can reach, walls ready for crown moulding, other odds n ends unfinished. We have a few cobwebs, crumbs on the floor, stains on the carpet. Nails holes that need to be filled. I tend to start things then NEVER finish them :).... not really, but it can take a while.

What I want people to "get" from my home - I love life as crazy as it can be sometimes. People are more important than things. My family is MAJOR important, but in all honesty, my faith is more important. I hate stuff... less is more.

This whole thought process has made me realize that I have a few things to work on.

How about you gals out there in "blogland"... what does your home say about YOU??


  1. Man...I will have to think about that one ang get back to you....hmmmm. Is that bad?

  2. Your home is lived in and what's what I like best. It means your kids are having fun and you're cooking in the kitchen. Less is more...I agree. I do hope my home says welcome. I want people to feel comfortable. I have SO many little things to work on.

  3. My home probably says that a family with an OCD mother who cleans obsessively lives here!! Luckily, I have all of them to balance me out. lol.

    We all struggle with SOMETHING though, don't we?

    But in all seriousness, I just want my home so exude peace. And sometimes peace comes from clean, sometimes it comes from lived in... all depends on the day!

  4. I am so glad you tried out those cookies! They are def a strange combo, but like you saw, so good! *smiles*

    I am with Lemonade Makin'Mama...I have OCD and so my house is in show condition most of the time. But, that doesn't mean that there isn't dust...This for some reason does not seem to bother me as neither does the crumbs on the floor. But all toys, books, and stuff are all put away.