Monday, August 10, 2009

*sniff sniff*

We've only been home for 2 days (not even technically) and already the kids are back-to-school! WOW! My babies are getting so big!! A kindergardener and a second grader. Breaks my heart... but I LOVE the little people they're growing up to be.

I didn't even cry when "red" walked right into his K classroom without hanging on to my leg (MIRACLE!!). He found his name at his table right away, sat right down, and was ready to get to work. "R" didn't have as easy of a time... her BFF isn't in her class this year. We knew last week already, but decided not to traumatize her with the news. Rather - we told her to wait and see on the first day. No tears thankfully, but I could tell she was really bummed.

Now it's just "J" and mom... I wonder what kind of trouble the two of us can get into today? Hobby Lobby anyone??? :)


  1. Big Red didn't cry!!! Way to go, I'm so proud of him. I'm sorry your baby girl doesn't have her friend in her class...maybe that mean extra playdates! Yes, Hobby Lobby, always Hobby Lobby.