Friday, July 31, 2009

Leavin... on a jet plane....

Okay... maybe not a jet plane... but none-the-less... it's VACATION TIME!!! WAHOO!!! This is where we're heading....

Our very favorite place for a family vacation - Destin, FL. We didn't get to go last year due to some insurance issues that at up a decent chunk of savings change, but this year it totally worked out to go! YEAH!! Our van is packed and totally ready to go... the kids are BOUNCING off the walls while waiting for daddy... and I'm on the computer. Some things never change vacation or not :). We have no plans for while we're down south... we hate plans while on vacation. Just the beach and the pool... maybe a dolphin watch ride... we'll see.

When we get back - the kids start school. Like the day after we get back (GREAT planning on my part!). PRAISE THE LORD the kids start school.... they're bored and I'm going nuts TRYING to entertain them. It's the teachers turn!!

I'll post pics once we return!


  1. Take me with you. I love the picture and I know it really looks like that. I hope you all have a blast and see some dolphins. I can't wait for pictures.

  2. Okay girl I can tell right off the bat that I love you and you are FUN!!! Just scanned down your posts, and what a great little family you have... thanks for finding me and commenting! I'm your lucky number 13 follower... not that I believe in luck.. or lucky numbers... I'm just saying is all.

    Yay, vacation! I so need one... camping does not count. Not one bit.

    Blessings my new friend,

  3. Have a lot of fun - who doesn't love the beach?

  4. Have a wonderful trip! I love Destin! School starts for us next week.
    Enjoy the beauty of the beach!!!