Thursday, July 23, 2009

Michigan Summer "vacation" -- Part One...

Every summer we head to Michigan for a week. My entire family (parents and one sister) live there so we kind of kill two birds with one stone - visit family AND get to the beach. :) PERFECT! We can stay at my parents condo for free... although this year we stained their deck as payment for their hospitality. UGH - remind me NEVER to make that offer again!! On our "off time" (NOT working on the deck) we hit the beach!!

I pretty much HATE pics of myself... but thought I'd include this one to start. See the happy look on my face... HA HA HA! SOmtimes getting to hthe beach with the WHOLE family is QUITE the effort. Usually worth it... usually!

Notice the 16 million towels the boy is under... it was CHILLY at the beach! Unless you were laying down (my favorite position), you had goosebumps. But, being that we're from OH and we have no real beach where we live... we toughed it out!

"A" has this crazy thing that he loves to do - sand sculptures. It keeps him busy - and the kids think that he's the coolest thing ever! :) I forgot to take actual pics of his sculptures this year... I think he did a dolphin, hammerhead shark, and a turtle.

Digging in the sand could keep "J" busy for HOURS! Makes me wish we had a huge sandpile in our back yard. He was digging a hole... albeit was never that deep, he was VERY proud!

"I" LOVES to just lay in the sand and flick it. GREAT when it's blowing like crazy. He didn't care... the rest of the people around us... yeah... they cared.

"R"'s favorite thing was to roll around in the sand then rinse off in the 50degree water. Fun... really fun.

We always miss the beach once we leave... I'm more than ready to head back. All the trouble (not enough juice boxes or snacks, walking on the HOT sand, enough sand in the van to create our own beach...) is TOTALLY worth it.

My next installment of our summer vacation to Michigan will be coming soon.... I"m sure you're all greatly anticipating the moment... :)

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  1. That looks like a really nice beach. So sorry it was cold. In the picture of you (cute btw) it looks super sunny and hot. Or maybe it's that you look hot...either way.