Monday, July 20, 2009


Jolanthe over at No Ordinary Moments is our lovely host of today's FMM! :) THANKS!! Being that it's summer VACATION... today's theme is just that... vacations. FUN! Who doesn't love a good vacation?!?!

We have a two part topic today - first being what is your best/worst vacation. Second being the top 5 places you would like to vacation someday...

I actually have 2 favorites... one with kids and one without. Without was our honeymoon. We went to a small island off the coast of Puerto Rice for a week. It was very simple... no tv or movie theaters. Just the beach and some small local restaurants. We swam in a glow in the dark bay (seriously... it was REALLY cool), had ice cream from a creaky old van, and I watched A snorkel for hours (I have a fish phobia... there is no way I was going to get near all those fish!). We actually got bored and left a day early to spend more time in San Juan. The name of the island is Vieques... it was perfect.

Not to copy my friend Kelli, but I loved our first Destin vacation in 2006 with the family. The kids were still pretty small... but it was great being so close to the beach and the pool. We always go off season - as to miss the spring breakers - so things aren't crazy busy. We actually leave to go down again this year soon - the first week in Aug. Can't wait - no kids in diapers, needing bottles, 2 of the 3 can swim... YEAH!!!! Here is a pic of the kids on the beach... they look so young!! :)

Now for my top 5 places I would love to get to one day....
1. Grand Canyon - have never been but would LOVE to see it (from somewhere other than an airplane). It looks simply majestic!!
2. Maine - I would LOVE to go whale watching
3. London - I went in H.S. and would love to get there again as an adult. There were so many things we didn't get to see that I would love to check out
4. Australia - we've been watching a show about the Australian life guards and I think it looks awesome! I've always wanted to go, but the fact that it's halfway around the world makes logistics a bit impossible for now... :)
5. a cruise of the Hawaiian islands... maybe for our 25th anniversary (gives us 16 more years to save!!)

That's my list... please share yours and join us on FMM!! :)


  1. The honeymoon trip sounds amazing! Have fun on your trip, and Happy FMM!

  2. They look so young! I can't believe it. Your honeymoon sounds so cool Jod. I like the no TV and just the water. That's sounds so nice! Thanks for the Destin tips because now I'm in love. Bring back some sand for me.

  3. I want to go to Hawaii so bad. Maine would be awesome and New England is just a beautiful place anyway! We frequently vacation in or near Destin and it always makes for a great family trip!

  4. Your honeymoon sounds like it was so romantic!

    Darling picture of the kids....

    Happy FMM!

  5. Nice list. I would like to go to Hawaii and Australia.

  6. Hi, Happy FMM! I had two favorites too! The beach of course!

    I would love to visit Hawaii and Australia!!

  7. Ahhh... your island trip sounds heavenly!!

    Happy FMM!!

  8. What a cute picture of your kiddos! I loved London - it was a blast. Good FMM list!


  9. I grew up in Maine! :) Just go in the summer. hee hee.

    Happy FMM!