Friday, July 17, 2009

What's in my heart.....

My friend Kelli tagged me with the "game". A tough one this time that took some thought...

"With as much Creativity as you can muster, show your heart in:
a picture, a poem, a song, a quote, an item of clothing, a place, and a Disney princess"

So here goes....

Picture #1 - my family AND the beach (this includes my place thing too). My family is clearly in my heart. I have been SO blessed with a Godly husband who is a brillant father. Our kids are just as wonderful - creative, kind, curious... I can't imagine my life without them. The place - the beach. I grew up near Lake Michigan and water/beach was just a part of life. Now that I'm in central OH... sometimes I feel like a part of me is missing. When we do get to the beach it's almost therapeutic for me... soothes my soul.

Poem - "Friendship" by Khalil Gibron. I would type it out... but it's kind of long. So go here to read it... :). I think this is an AWESOME description of what friendship is and should be...

Song - "How Can I Ask for More" by Cindy Morgan. It's an older song... but I LOVE it to this day! I have no link... (sorry) but can share that this song is about how God gives us so many wonderful things - that we can't ask for more. It's the simple things... catching fireflies, building sandcastles, running barefoot in the sand... life is good.

Quote - "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice". I have NO clue who originally said this - I had it on a button when I was in junior high (remember when button's were all the rage... I had a bazillion all on one jean jacket). I think it's a great thing to remember... one I hope to teach the kids as they get older.

Piece of clothing - this Ohio State sweatshirt. Notice the lovely hole? This sweatshirt has seen better days. Both A and I fight over who gets to wear it - it's SO comfortable. If we could have 10 more just like it - I would pay ANY price!

Disney Princess - Belle. I love her... not sure why... she's just my favorite. The part in the movie where she's dancing in the field... *sigh* LOVE IT! Maybe it's her desire to seek out something different than what's expected... I really don't know. I could watch the movie many times over and still love it! :)

So there is my list... it was fun to put together... made my head hurt a bit... but I was able to look at lots of old pics that I wouldn't usually take the time to look at :)! Thanks Kelli for tagging me!!!!


  1. Yeah I'm glad you played! I love all of your descriptions and I do know your love for the water. That's funny that you and Andy fight over the sweatshirt!

  2. Great game. I can't imagine living in a landlocked state! I'm 4 hours from the beach and feel like that is wayyy too far!