Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some days...

This is our 3rd born (and last... for GOOD reason) "the CHUD" as we affectionately call him. He looks like an angel... looks is the key word....

Today I downloaded pics from my camera... and look what I found. SOMEONE (being the "chud") once again decided to play photographer.

He loves his flip flops... apparently enough to want to look at them whenever he's scrolling through the pics already downloaded....

Self portrait... maybe someday he'll be famous and THIS pic will pay for our retirement... :)!

One of his best friends... and look how it's centered! I'm telling ya... he has a future in this!! :)

This is in brother's room... my kids have a thing for water bottles. Strange...

So I've decided it's time to keep the camera under lock and key. Out of 329 pictures downloaded... a MAJORITY were like this. I have pics of the tv (now I know what they watch when I'm not with them), bare butts (SERIOUSLY!), the neighbors garage up... and down..., and numerous other odd shots. He's lucky he's so darn cute!!!!


  1. What are we going to do with that little guy. He's pretty good with a camera I must say.

  2. I just wish it wasn't MY camera... :)

  3. that is hilarious! He's a better photographer than me though! lol