Thursday, January 27, 2011


Last week, the company that belongs to the lovely "logo" above - Green B.E.A.N. Delivery - had a fantabulous groupon available for purchase. It was $15 for a $35 delivery! This is a new to our area service that I think sounds fantastic! They offer several options along with organic/natural groceries. The best part - it's all delivered to YOUR FRONT DOOR!!!

So tomorrow is our first delivery. They sent out a list of what's to be included in my medium produce (fruits and veggies) box... including... bok choy, broccoli, apples, oranges, mandarines (yes... a fancy word for orange), potatoes, onions, etc. SO EXCITED!!!! With my pre-radiation diet, I'm VERY limited to what I can eat. This bunch of fresh goodies couldn't be timed ANY better!

I'll plan to take pics of what we get... hopefully it's going to live up to the hype! :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

this has me thinking......

So Lindsey over at the Pleated Poppy once a week does a What I Wore Wednesday post. She takes pictures throughout the week, then on Wednesday posts them for all the bloggy world to see. LOVE IT! She originally started this whole shebang to help keep the sweats/yoga pants at bay.... something that isn't necessarily easy to do!

So I've been thinking.... maybe I should try this. I've been a bit of a sludge lately - lazy, lazy, lazy. Hats almost everyday and my lovely knit pants close to every day (they really are SO comfortable). Shameful :). BUT.... when I try to think of cute outfits that would compare to Lindsey and all the other great girlies that link up to her *party*... it's a problem. Obviously something to work on over the next couple of months!

So... here we go. It's my first official picture - not so much for WIWW, but for the sake of taking a picture of ME. I really.... REALLY hate having my picture taken. Seriously... it's like a disease or something :).

Does anyone else want to join me in my WIWW journey?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

positive thinking....

So back in "the day" I was a huge fan of Monty Python movies. Lame, right? One of my NOT so favorites was the "Life of Brian". The ONLY fun thing about this movie was the song "always look on the bright side of life". Let's see if I can link up to it just in case you haven't heard of it before... (warning... it's a bit off the charts in sacreligiousness)

*please click here*

okay so i have NO idea of how to REALLY download a video to my blog. I'll figure it out later... :)

ANYWHO... after my last post (aka: pity party) I decided to post some POSITIVE things about having thyroid cancer... in particular the RAI (this would be the radiation portion of our program...).

SO... I have to be in complete seclusion for 7 days. This means NO contact with the "outside" world... I will be literally locked in our master bedroom. At first I thought what a huge drag this would be. BORING! But... I have some plans... :)

#1. I've been wanting to paint our master bathroom FOREVER! The walls and the vanity. What better time?!?! No reasons for my NOT to be able to finish it... it's the perfect time!! It'll be fun to surprise the husband with it when it's finished... he won't have to deal with the in between stuff.

#2. I've been meaning to read through the WHOLE Bible for a while now. Being a Christian for a majority of my life and having NEVER done this... pathetic. I'll have to pick up an old copy somewhere (I have to toss pretty much anything tossable when I'm ready to emerge from my lair) but that should be easy enough. Some good God time will be a great way to spend isolation time :).

#3. A GREAT excuse to get a new bedding set for our bed! I know, I know... silliness. BUT.... I'll have to toss all the sheets and whatnot from the bed anyway... so... hmmmm... time to start shopping. I actually already have a set picked out - just waiting for Macy's to have free shipping again :).

So now I have THREE positive things that will come out of my having cancer. Like our dear Monty Python friends sing... it's time to start looking at the BRIGHT side of life!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


No pictures this time... (again!)... but I feel like I need to share what is on my heart.

Never in my 35 years did I think that I would hear the words "you have cancer". It's something that happens to OTHER people... not me.

Yeah... not so much. It's amazing how these "simple" words completely change your life. For some good... and some bad. I have been beyond blessed by the kindness and love of friends and family. Back in December when I had my surgery, they pretty much took over the day to day stuff for me. I'm not one to ask for help... but have I ever learned that sometimes, you just need to accept it when it's offered! :)

It's been over a month since my original surgery... the surgery itself has healed fine. A minor scar... but nothing (thankfully) to horrible. Life has gone back to normal for the most part... at least it appears that way to most...

But I'm struggling. Deeply. Sometimes I feel like depression is going to take over.... my mind is constantly churning out different scenarios. I pray all day long for God to take over my thoughts... to not let Satan have his way. I try to remind myself that everything happens for a reason and I only need to trust HIM.

I've tried SO hard to stay strong and positive through this whole ordeal... I haven't really had a "WHY ME?!?!" moment. But the longer I deal with it, the more I find myself wondering... "why me?". I don't like pity parties... and I've tried REALLY hard to not have one for myself. But right now, I'm not sure what positive can come from all this.

All this being said... it leads me to my "word of the year". Apparently these are pretty popular in the bloggy world :). My word this year...


Simple as that (HA HA HA!). I have to trust that God has a plan. I have to trust that in the end all will be okay... and if it's not, that HE will take care of both myself and my little family. I have to trust Him to not give me more than what I can handle... or if it feels that way that he will provide a way to best deal with it. My pastor once said that our lives are "God's story". I have literally clung to those words over the last few months. HE has a plan... I just have to be willing to follow his lead.

So... if you're a praying sort of person, I could use some :). I'm working to protect my heart and mind from the negativity that Satan breeds. Working SO hard to stay focused on the goal of glorifying Christ in EVERYTHING... both good and bad. Working beyond hard to simply TRUST....