Wednesday, January 26, 2011

this has me thinking......

So Lindsey over at the Pleated Poppy once a week does a What I Wore Wednesday post. She takes pictures throughout the week, then on Wednesday posts them for all the bloggy world to see. LOVE IT! She originally started this whole shebang to help keep the sweats/yoga pants at bay.... something that isn't necessarily easy to do!

So I've been thinking.... maybe I should try this. I've been a bit of a sludge lately - lazy, lazy, lazy. Hats almost everyday and my lovely knit pants close to every day (they really are SO comfortable). Shameful :). BUT.... when I try to think of cute outfits that would compare to Lindsey and all the other great girlies that link up to her *party*... it's a problem. Obviously something to work on over the next couple of months!

So... here we go. It's my first official picture - not so much for WIWW, but for the sake of taking a picture of ME. I really.... REALLY hate having my picture taken. Seriously... it's like a disease or something :).

Does anyone else want to join me in my WIWW journey?

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  1. You look gorgeous. So cozy. Do you knit? I love the headband!