Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sunny Eggo... Here we COME! (almost...)

So about 3 years ago, A and I went to San Diego for the first time. It was love at first visit. We've tried to get back every year since then (it REALLY helps when he has a conference...) and we're leaving in less than two weeks!!! YEAH!!! I'm already planning in my mind what to pack... sad, isn't it?

This year we're using part of this trip to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We'll be staying in La Jolla (LOVE the sea lions)... can anyone recommend some great restaurants? After that, we'll be down by the gaslamp district. I'll be by myself most of the days downtown - any suggestions of what I should do?

This week and a half needs to go quick... A has been CRAZY busy at work, the kids are always complaining, and I'm just plain weary. I look forward to having some peace and quiet. Just being able to watch the waves... water has always been VERY soothing to my soul. Being in central OH doesn't present too many soothing water visits.

So - if you read my blog and have any brilliant suggestions for what to do this trip.... please let me know! :) We did the zoo last year... so we'd like to try something different!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Christmas Ornament Swap.... SOON!!!

I LOVE Christmas... so when I saw Joanna's so fun idea (check her really fun blog out here), I HAD to share it with everyone!

Who doesn't love to find interesting and fun Christmas ornaments? Who doesn't love to share them with friends? I personally do... I could spend HOURS walking the rows, and rows, and rows, and rows, and rows, and rows.... of ornaments at Hobby Lobby right now. BLISS!

Anyway - starting October 12 and running through October 26, you can sign up at Joanna's site to be part of this fun swap. The details will soon be available... so check it out next week!

I would LOVE to have all my friends join this... ONLY because I would LOVE to see what each person sends and receives. :)

You can click on the link on the left... yup... over there... see it? It's Christmasy, isn't it? Hmmmm... I might just have to leave it up for a LONG time (yes... I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas).

Happy almost Holiday season everyone!

(yes... I'm a total dork today. It's been a LONG week and it's only Wednesday. Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred workout has shredded my brain and has me walking like I'm 90. Our house is all stairs... so I'm fried. back to normal, boring posts later....).... :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Giveaways Galore....

In honor of her 28th birthday, Crystal at Money Saving Mom is having a huge giveaway fest! You TOTALLY need to check it out. Her site is amazing anyway... so let today be your introduction. Seriously... you HAVE to check it out... go now.... stop reading this.... run... click.... save.... :)

Apple pie, apple crisp, apple butter, apple sauce....

The kids didn't have school last Friday so I decided it would be the PERFECT day to pick apples... for the third time. Yeah... don't laugh. It's all about a good variety right?? They only have certain kinds at certain times... never all of them at once. I really do have a method to my madness...

He would pick the only branch with NO apples on it for me to take a picture of him with. What a goober.... :)

These two were ALL over the place.... half the time I couldn't find them. Notice the green apples on one side (Golden Delicious...a fav at our house) and the red (JonaMac's) on the other? That would be the variety I'm speaking of...

Not sure why (maybe because she's a GIRL), but the need to "strike a pose" pops up just about everywhere these days. Watch out TYRA!!!

Speaking of poses... he does this in almost EVERY picture we take. Not sure why... maybe because he's a part of my madness? Must admit... it's a great looking apple though...

Every year when we go apple picking I try to get ONE really good shot of all 3 kids. Mind you... we've picked three times, this is my third try. Still don't like it. Not sure what's up with Miss Things wacky smile. Might have to try again at the pumpkin patch next weekend. Good times. By Christmas card time, they'll be primed and ready to go!

So... now that we've picked over 100lbs of apples... anyone want some sauce, pie, crisp? YUM!!!!

Brotherly love???.....

Some days my boys just can't seem to get along. Which I assume is TOTALLY normal... but things have taken a turn for the worse....

Posters taped to their doors. Yeah - nice. See how each one drew a picture of their brother, then crossed it out. In other words "YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED IN MY ROOM EVER AGAIN!!!!!".

Feel the love.....