Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Christmas Ornament Swap.... SOON!!!

I LOVE Christmas... so when I saw Joanna's so fun idea (check her really fun blog out here), I HAD to share it with everyone!

Who doesn't love to find interesting and fun Christmas ornaments? Who doesn't love to share them with friends? I personally do... I could spend HOURS walking the rows, and rows, and rows, and rows, and rows, and rows.... of ornaments at Hobby Lobby right now. BLISS!

Anyway - starting October 12 and running through October 26, you can sign up at Joanna's site to be part of this fun swap. The details will soon be available... so check it out next week!

I would LOVE to have all my friends join this... ONLY because I would LOVE to see what each person sends and receives. :)

You can click on the link on the left... yup... over there... see it? It's Christmasy, isn't it? Hmmmm... I might just have to leave it up for a LONG time (yes... I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas).

Happy almost Holiday season everyone!

(yes... I'm a total dork today. It's been a LONG week and it's only Wednesday. Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred workout has shredded my brain and has me walking like I'm 90. Our house is all stairs... so I'm fried. back to normal, boring posts later....).... :)

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