Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sunny Eggo... Here we COME! (almost...)

So about 3 years ago, A and I went to San Diego for the first time. It was love at first visit. We've tried to get back every year since then (it REALLY helps when he has a conference...) and we're leaving in less than two weeks!!! YEAH!!! I'm already planning in my mind what to pack... sad, isn't it?

This year we're using part of this trip to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We'll be staying in La Jolla (LOVE the sea lions)... can anyone recommend some great restaurants? After that, we'll be down by the gaslamp district. I'll be by myself most of the days downtown - any suggestions of what I should do?

This week and a half needs to go quick... A has been CRAZY busy at work, the kids are always complaining, and I'm just plain weary. I look forward to having some peace and quiet. Just being able to watch the waves... water has always been VERY soothing to my soul. Being in central OH doesn't present too many soothing water visits.

So - if you read my blog and have any brilliant suggestions for what to do this trip.... please let me know! :) We did the zoo last year... so we'd like to try something different!



  1. Jodie,

    My favorite online sightseeing resource is Tripadvisor. You can see what the top-ranked attractions are for a city, and also read reviews by people who have been there. We have found things to do that we wouldn't have found otherwise, and the reviews help eliminate any unpleasant surprises. It's also a great resource for finding restaurants. It helped us find our favorite restaurant on Mackinac Island, a great rainy day sightseeing option in Boston and the fun lobster boat ride we did in Maine! (My neighbors are leaving for San Diego this weekend. I am SO JEALOUS of both of you - but hope you have fun!)

  2. I haven't been to San Diego since I was little and I just remember Sea World. Just sit back, find yourself a good antique shop and have some coffee (or a Dew). Sounds like a lovely trip!

  3. I have no fun ideas... I haven't been away since my 10 yr. ann with my man myself. I hope you have a great time though!!