Wednesday, April 29, 2009

True love....

Andy's grandparents have been married for 72 years.  AMAZING!  They are both in their 90's and have lived together for all but the last few months.  About a week ago, Grandma was found having a seizure... and has been in a sort of coma since.  She's not a "sickly" person - she's had issues with dementia/alzheimers for several years... but nothing with her actual health.  Most likely - she will not be with us for much longer.  

Grandpa is devastated.  He feels as though he isn't caring for her because he is not with her.  He tried to see her last week - fell and broke his hip.  A couple of weeks ago he "sprang" her from the nursing facility she is in against doctor's orders.  His reason - it was a beautiful day and "I wanted to go for a drive with my wife".  

The reason I am sharing this with all of you.... in today's society love is so misunderstood.  When you love someone... you do ANYTHING for them.  Grandpa and grandma haven't always had it easy.  Life was tough for so many years - but they persevered through it all.  Love was enough.   

The other day I was reading our local paper - the section that lists the names of people petitioning for divorces, receiving divorces, and marriage licenses.  It broke my heart to see the list of names in the divorce section was SIGNIFICANTLY longer than the list of marriage licenses.  

It's such a great challenge to live up to the example that grandpa and grandma's marriage has been.  When they are both gone from this world, the legacy they leave behind is priceless.  I hope one day that my grandchildren will say the same about my relationship with Andy...

Right now we're trying to figure out how grandpa and grandma can spend these last few moments together.  Their lives are so deeply intertwined - it only seems right to let them just be together.  They have true love... through thick and thin.  What an AWESOME example to the world... 

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009....

You too can follow along here...

Outside my window... Today is yet another BEAUTIFUL day!  The sun is shining... it's warm... a nice breeze slamming our door shut... PERFECT!

I am thinking...  I really need to work on getting the kids set for spring/summer.  As much as I can't stand Walmart - I think we may head that way today.

I am thankful for...  my husbands job.  He works in a field that is pretty secure... and I am SO grateful and thankful to God for that!

From the kitchen...  burgers on the grill today, sweet corn, salad - I'm getting hungry just THINKING about supper tonight!!

I am wearing...  khaki skirt, black shirt... not sure what shoes yet.  Most likely my black sparkly flip-flops

I am creating...  still working on my prayer shawl....  it's taking FOREVER!

I am going...  well - I'm not, but lucky husband is headed to Baltimore this weekend for a conference.  I'm staying with the kids.  Last year he was in Hawaii for the same conference - I'm feeling better about the Baltimore trip.  At least he won't be hitting the beach while I'm single parenting the kids! :)
I am hoping...  for so many things - jobs for friends, health for friends children, job security for friends... many people right now are on my heart...

I am hearing...  Scooby Doo and country music mixed in with birds chirping.  Interesting....

Around the house...  trying to get caught up on stuff.  Laundry is FINALLY put away... now I need to iron.  UGH!  Thinking about buying the primer for our bathroom vanities...

One of my favorite things...  Cheeseburgers - which is why I'm excited for supper tonight :)!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  I really need to get back to the Y.  I have a feverish child today - so it will have to wait.  Also - finish potty training #3.  NOT FUN!

I'm still trying to decide if I'm ready for a new week.  I'm realizing how blessed my little family is - there are SO many suffering right now from sickness and financial issues.  It scares me sometimes that we're in a good spot right now... but I'm going to thank God daily for it! :)  Enjoy your week everyone!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Anyone know a good therapist???...

This little device (along with my 3 year old) is helping me on my way to sheer craziness.  The mental instability that trying to potty train the "chud" is causing is beyond anything I ever imagined.  We've been at it since Friday - so much for the three day potty training method.  It's going to be more like the 3 YEAR potty training method.  

I will NOT be defeated.... I will NOT be defeated....

Monday, April 20, 2009

A simple day... a simple pleasure....

I thought this would be a fun change of pace to try out.  To think about the simple pleasures... MY friend Kelli has been doing this for a while... and i love reading her stuff :).  You can find it here...   

I'm not sure how to add the actual link... I'm still just "learning" this whole blog thing! 

For Today...

Outside my window... stopped raining, but still GRAY!

I am thinking... that potty training is pure misery!

I am thankful for... hugs and cuddles from my Ian

From the kitchen... spaghetti and meatballs with salad...

I am wearing... jeans, brown tshirt layered over a l/s white tshirt...

I am reading... nothing right now... I need to refocus on my daily Bible reading.  I've been SERIOUSLY slacking lately!

I am hoping... for some much needed rest

I am creating... a prayer shawl (my ongoing knitting project that I just picked up again...)

I am praying... for different friends that are dealing with some difficult situations

Around the house... laundry (need to make more soap!) and tidying up after a long weekend home

One of my favorite things... for today - when Jake makes it to the toilet :)!

A few plans for the rest of the week... dentist for Ian, purging the house of "stuff", back into an exercise routine after being off for a week (UGH!)

Here is my "simple pleasure" for the day - thoughts of sitting in this spot... for hours on end!  

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


No pictures yet - it's been too rainy around here... but I planted our first few seeds for our garden! :)  We're trying a square foot garden this year along with our Earthboxes from last year.  I planted some peas... tomorrow I'm hopefully going to add lettuce and radishes.  

Gardening is something that I am new to - but love.  I wish we had a HUGE property so I could plant a big old garden... but being in the middle of suburbia, we do with what we have.  This could easily become a passion for me - I'm not super crafty so it feels good to find something that I could list as a hobby! :)  There is just something about having dirt under your nails and fresh food on your plate..... 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Watch out VanGogh!

My little guy was SO excited today - he came and found me and just HAD to show me something.  Usually this causes a rather HUGE amount of anxiety and panic... but this time it turned out so cute!  He drew a self portrait... all by himself!  So I had to share it here.... 

Easter 2009...

This year for Easter we drove up to MI to spend some time with my family.  The weather was BEAUTIFUL!  Things were CRAZY as usual.... no downtime, but it's worth it.  I loved that we were able to get some pics of the kids at the beach - don't they clean up well?  I almost didn't recognize them as my own... except for the fact that they can't all seem to look at the camera and act "normal".  Then again... for our family... this is as close to normal as we get!

After church, my sister and her boys came over to the parental's condo.  We (oops... I mean the Easter Bunny) planned a big egg hunt for them.  I was inside cooking dinner... so we only have a couple of pics that turned out.  I need to give Andy some camera directions next time :).  Here are my 3 with their cousins... of course they can't LOOK at the camera... they are simply transfixed with all the candy they now have!  

I had to include this picture of my poor little peanut.  The town my parents live by had a community egg hunt on Saturday morning.  The kids were SO excited to get there... last year a church by us had a GREAT hunt.... so the kids were expecting nothing short of brilliance at this years hunt.  So... can you see how many eggs she found?  ONE... ONE!!!  One little egg.  Poor thing - she cried.  There were SOOOOOOOOO many kids... it was craziness!  Ian found the most... five.  Jake had three.  It was really kind of pathetic.  Oh well... better luck next year, right?

We attended my parents church in the morning... the service was amazing.  Pastor Jim talked about what if Christ was a liar - impossible.  Then they ended the service with people holding up signs of how Christ had changed their lives.  It's hard to explain, but it was beautiful.  Gives me goosebumps now as I think about it.  I love Easter - for some reason this year the meaning of Easter - how Christ died for my pathetic sins - really made me think.  He did so much for me... what have I done for Him??  

Keeping it REAL.....

My dear friend Kelli "tagged" me for the KEEPING IT REAL game. :)  I had to take a picture with no primping or anything else... so here it is....

Good times! I really HATE having my picture taken so you all should feel honored that I would post this.  

You all should check out Kelli's blog -

She's a more accomplished blogger than myself.... so it's fun to read what she has to say!  

Easter pics are to come later today (IF I can get to it... the kids are OUT OF CONTROL!!!).....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Well... I finally finished getting all the airplanes on the wall's tonight.  Those pesky, little dashes took FOREVER!  But, aren't they totally cute?  Jake's room went from bright green walls with fish.... to a goldish brown with airplanes.  A HUGE improvement!  

We found his blue bed at a garage sale for $15... his bedding at Target on clearance for $20... the book holder at Land of Nod.  I found the airplane vinyl decals on etsy (I *heart* etsy)... and paid more than I should have, but they were totally worth every penny!  We already had the curtain and the dresser/nightstand/lamp/bookshelf.  I tried to make a play-area by his closet... he doesn't play much in his room... but I think it's great for a kid to have a place of their own.  :)  

and... yes... that is a Christmas tree STILL in his room.  All 3 kids still have their tree's out... they love them.  They make great night lights... we even decorated them for Easter!  

On to the next project.... this one only took 3 months.  How long is my bathroom going to take?????  

So Close....

I've been busy working on Jake's room.... trying SO hard to get it finished! Here are some before pics (yes... it's one brown wall - I forgot to take official before pics BEFORE I started painting... DUH!).... I only have a few more things to add to his walls then it will be officially DONE!  WOOHOO! :) 

I love trying to decorate... but with kids "helping" it always seems to take longer. After this project ends, it's on to the master bedroom/bathroom.  It's painted (the bedroom) so we only have a few odds n ends to do.  The bathroom... another story.  I'm thinking of painting our ugly and cheap M/I Homes vanity... instead of buying something new.  We'll see - not sure what all is involved.  Still working on a paint color - REALLY struggling with this.  I've painted little squares all over (I really should post a picture... it's rather amusing) and STILL can't decide!  

Anyway - I'll be back with the FINISHED PRODUCT pics hopefully later today!  :)