Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So Close....

I've been busy working on Jake's room.... trying SO hard to get it finished! Here are some before pics (yes... it's one brown wall - I forgot to take official before pics BEFORE I started painting... DUH!).... I only have a few more things to add to his walls then it will be officially DONE!  WOOHOO! :) 

I love trying to decorate... but with kids "helping" it always seems to take longer. After this project ends, it's on to the master bedroom/bathroom.  It's painted (the bedroom) so we only have a few odds n ends to do.  The bathroom... another story.  I'm thinking of painting our ugly and cheap M/I Homes vanity... instead of buying something new.  We'll see - not sure what all is involved.  Still working on a paint color - REALLY struggling with this.  I've painted little squares all over (I really should post a picture... it's rather amusing) and STILL can't decide!  

Anyway - I'll be back with the FINISHED PRODUCT pics hopefully later today!  :)

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