Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Anyone know a good therapist???...

This little device (along with my 3 year old) is helping me on my way to sheer craziness.  The mental instability that trying to potty train the "chud" is causing is beyond anything I ever imagined.  We've been at it since Friday - so much for the three day potty training method.  It's going to be more like the 3 YEAR potty training method.  

I will NOT be defeated.... I will NOT be defeated....


  1. How sad is this: We potty-trained our youngest in a day and a half (including through the night with no pull-up, etc) by taking away video games until he "went in the potty."

    The boy was almost 4, for crying out loud.
    (Being like the big brothers provides lots of motivation...)

  2. how old is he? can you take 3 months off and try again?