Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009....

You too can follow along here...

Outside my window... Today is yet another BEAUTIFUL day!  The sun is shining... it's warm... a nice breeze slamming our door shut... PERFECT!

I am thinking...  I really need to work on getting the kids set for spring/summer.  As much as I can't stand Walmart - I think we may head that way today.

I am thankful for...  my husbands job.  He works in a field that is pretty secure... and I am SO grateful and thankful to God for that!

From the kitchen...  burgers on the grill today, sweet corn, salad - I'm getting hungry just THINKING about supper tonight!!

I am wearing...  khaki skirt, black shirt... not sure what shoes yet.  Most likely my black sparkly flip-flops

I am creating...  still working on my prayer shawl....  it's taking FOREVER!

I am going...  well - I'm not, but lucky husband is headed to Baltimore this weekend for a conference.  I'm staying with the kids.  Last year he was in Hawaii for the same conference - I'm feeling better about the Baltimore trip.  At least he won't be hitting the beach while I'm single parenting the kids! :)
I am hoping...  for so many things - jobs for friends, health for friends children, job security for friends... many people right now are on my heart...

I am hearing...  Scooby Doo and country music mixed in with birds chirping.  Interesting....

Around the house...  trying to get caught up on stuff.  Laundry is FINALLY put away... now I need to iron.  UGH!  Thinking about buying the primer for our bathroom vanities...

One of my favorite things...  Cheeseburgers - which is why I'm excited for supper tonight :)!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  I really need to get back to the Y.  I have a feverish child today - so it will have to wait.  Also - finish potty training #3.  NOT FUN!

I'm still trying to decide if I'm ready for a new week.  I'm realizing how blessed my little family is - there are SO many suffering right now from sickness and financial issues.  It scares me sometimes that we're in a good spot right now... but I'm going to thank God daily for it! :)  Enjoy your week everyone!!


  1. I'm so excited that your doing this! It's a good way to journal and know what's on other people's minds.
    I was at home yesterday because of my allergic reaction. I'm super itchy! I'm going to the doctor today to get some relief.
    Hey, wanna hook up this week? Ron has to work, so I'm being single parenting it too!

  2. Yep. Nothing says spring time is here like birds, Scooby and a bit o'twang!