Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009...

This year for Easter we drove up to MI to spend some time with my family.  The weather was BEAUTIFUL!  Things were CRAZY as usual.... no downtime, but it's worth it.  I loved that we were able to get some pics of the kids at the beach - don't they clean up well?  I almost didn't recognize them as my own... except for the fact that they can't all seem to look at the camera and act "normal".  Then again... for our family... this is as close to normal as we get!

After church, my sister and her boys came over to the parental's condo.  We (oops... I mean the Easter Bunny) planned a big egg hunt for them.  I was inside cooking dinner... so we only have a couple of pics that turned out.  I need to give Andy some camera directions next time :).  Here are my 3 with their cousins... of course they can't LOOK at the camera... they are simply transfixed with all the candy they now have!  

I had to include this picture of my poor little peanut.  The town my parents live by had a community egg hunt on Saturday morning.  The kids were SO excited to get there... last year a church by us had a GREAT hunt.... so the kids were expecting nothing short of brilliance at this years hunt.  So... can you see how many eggs she found?  ONE... ONE!!!  One little egg.  Poor thing - she cried.  There were SOOOOOOOOO many kids... it was craziness!  Ian found the most... five.  Jake had three.  It was really kind of pathetic.  Oh well... better luck next year, right?

We attended my parents church in the morning... the service was amazing.  Pastor Jim talked about what if Christ was a liar - impossible.  Then they ended the service with people holding up signs of how Christ had changed their lives.  It's hard to explain, but it was beautiful.  Gives me goosebumps now as I think about it.  I love Easter - for some reason this year the meaning of Easter - how Christ died for my pathetic sins - really made me think.  He did so much for me... what have I done for Him??  

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  1. That's how New Life ended service too and it was so powerful! It was a great message and yours sounds interesting too.