Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Well... I finally finished getting all the airplanes on the wall's tonight.  Those pesky, little dashes took FOREVER!  But, aren't they totally cute?  Jake's room went from bright green walls with fish.... to a goldish brown with airplanes.  A HUGE improvement!  

We found his blue bed at a garage sale for $15... his bedding at Target on clearance for $20... the book holder at Land of Nod.  I found the airplane vinyl decals on etsy (I *heart* etsy)... and paid more than I should have, but they were totally worth every penny!  We already had the curtain and the dresser/nightstand/lamp/bookshelf.  I tried to make a play-area by his closet... he doesn't play much in his room... but I think it's great for a kid to have a place of their own.  :)  

and... yes... that is a Christmas tree STILL in his room.  All 3 kids still have their tree's out... they love them.  They make great night lights... we even decorated them for Easter!  

On to the next project.... this one only took 3 months.  How long is my bathroom going to take?????  


  1. Great job, that is adorable! I love love love the airplanes. Got any Dr. Seuss books on those shelves?

  2. the kids LOVE dr seuss ;)! last time we were in san diego, we saw the house he lived in... very cool.

  3. I LOVE it!!!! I love the airplanes and you got some great deals too. I love the bookcase at the end of the bed. I remember Jake freaking out because the lights wouldn't work on his tree and I got to hold him and he just kept saying "Christmas tree." Poor little guy. We bonded.

  4. It turned out so cute. And the room is SO clutter free! Love the planes, love etsy, love the bargains, love the Schwads!

  5. I tagged you over on your blog. I miss seeing your face!