Monday, August 10, 2009

Organization help.... PLEASE!

I know SO many of you here in "blogland" are organized to the max. I need your help... DESPERATELY! The kids just got home from school and I am SO overwhelmed with the task of keeping 2 kids stuff straight in my head. Whether it be homework or snack info... or just basic stuff that they bring home - what's YOUR trick? I'd hate to be the mom that NEVER gets her act together... but I kind of feel panicky that it might happen this year.



  1. Oh gosh! I have 4 kids in school and have to be uber organized. Email me and give me specifics and I'll help you.

  2. Well I you've gotten a response from the master so you may not need my help. I saw on an organizing site about having a folder for each child to keep papers and permission slips and stuff. Color coded bins would work too.

  3. I have a master calendar on the refrigerator to keep track of what is going on each day. Then I have an individual folder for each child that I keep on my kitchen desk. Classroom specific papers, spelling lists, field trip forms, sheets explaining class projects etc. go in this. Also, I have one general school folder for things that apply to school in general for all of the kids (things like the school's master calendar, newsletters for the entire school) Last, I have one general "family" folder for everything else - stuff I need to keep, but don't want cluttering up the desk or counter. About once a week, I take a quick look through the folders and get rid of anything that is no longer needed.

  4. Uh, yeah, so the uber-organizer, Viv, has commented so anything I might say would be moot! She is GOOD. Seriously!