Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our first day at the beach for 2010!!

It's been a LONG time since my last bloggie blog entry.... but thought I'd try to start up again (sounds familiar eh?). No time like the present!! :)

This year for Easter we went North to my family in west Michigan. My parents are blessed to live uber close to Lake Michigan... perfect in the summer. Semi-perfect the rest of the year. Something about 80 degree days in April made us all ready to jump back into beach time! It was a chilly evening, but the kids had so much fun! They could spend HOURS digging in the sand... and playing in the water if it wasn't FREEZING (then again... Lake Michigan is ALWAYS freezing!). It was chilly, but "relaxing" to watch them play!

Yes, I know. This is FUZZY. I was sitting inside my parents van at this point. I was COLD COLD COLD!! Obviously little dude didn't care - he was happily carrying his FREEZING cold bucket of water back up to the rest of the group...

This is about the only moment he wasn't running off into the sunset. My sister did a fantastic job of catching him... while I sat in the nice warm van.... :)....

Miss thing - always posing for the camera. Her irritation with me constantly snapping pics doesn't even show in her face... AMAZING~~

Here's the motley crew... our Michigan cousins. What a bunch!!

We're busy working on a house project - new shutters! Rather than spending $300 per pair (OUCH!) we decided to make them for $30 a pair. Good times. I'll post pics when done! Garden is also started - just onions and lettuce so far. Can't wait to get the tomatoes, cukes, and green beans started! :) We also planted 2 more blueberry bushes - they're PINK blueberries! SO FUN! Makes them taste better.... I hope (I'm NOT a big blueberry fan... but my boys love them)...

Ta-ta for now!

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