Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A GREAT day for a hike in the woods... :)

Let me preface this whole ditty by saying that I REALLY need a better camera to catch the kids at the "perfect" moment. As you can see with the Chud below... I would LOVE to have him not be blurry in this picture! At least you can still see how cool this place is...

A few weeks ago we packed up the kids after church and headed to Hocking Hills. It's about an hour from our house... and SO amazing! Even though we've lived here for 5 years now we had never taken the time to drive out to hike around. It's a huge gorge type area just to the west (or is it east... maybe north... or even south... yeah... I really don't know) of C-bus. AMAZING!!!! The kids had a billion places to climb into... water to toss rocks into... in their minds... perfection!

I love this picture of "miss thing" below... you can totally see that she is absolutely SICK of my taking pictures. HA! The joys of being the mom! :) It's so rare to get all three looking at the camera, almost smiling, with their eyes open. I personally thing this picture is nothing short of a MIRACLE!

What have you done this fall with YOUR family?

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