Monday, September 14, 2009


Amber over at "AE FILIKINS" has declared our topic to be.... FALL SHOWS for this week. Just in time too as they are FINALLY starting. Don't know about everyone else, but tv this summer has been PURE MISERY! So here is my list... so far.... :)....

I LOVE watching the Biggest Loser. I find it to be inspiring and motivating. Holy smokes... if these people can workout like crazy people, so can I. I think Jillian Michael's is brilliant (Bob too... ). It starts up again tomorrow night... so y'all will know what I'm doing from 8-10pm :). Eating ice cream and cookies while watching the Biggest Loser....

LOST isn't back until next year (AHHHHH!) but I already can't wait. It's the last season and they have a TON of questions to answer for all of us Losties. I'm going to be crushed when it's finally DONE. It's been a fascinating show...

Another show I thought of after adding my pics (it's SUCH a Monday!) is Lie to Me. It was new last year... and REALLY good. It's a show that both husband and I can watch together and enjoy (which is really rare these days...). I often wonder if the things they say show a person to be lying are for real... if they are, it's even MORE interesting. You should totally check it out.

That's my line- up for now. Nothing too major, I'm trying to watch less tv. Of course that all changes when it gets dark at 3 in the afternoon and the high temp for the day is 0. :)

What are YOUR favorite shows to watch this fall? Join us here....


  1. I cannot wait for LOST to come back on!

  2. I would like to see Lost too! :D

  3. We need to have a Lost Grand Finale party.

  4. LOST is so good- I forgot to put that on my list- so sad we have to wait until January!!!!


  5. Hahah I love the way you watch the Biggest Loser! That is usually how I do it too!

  6. I've never seen Biggest Loser, but I plan to watch it this season!