Friday, September 4, 2009

What are your plans.......

So what are your BIG plans for this weekend? Anything exciting to send summer off with a BANG??

I have quite the list of things to get done...

1. Crown molding in our master bedroom - it's been painted and ready for molding (or is it moudling??) for quite some time... as in months. It will be WONDERFUL to finally finish the master bedroom project. I might even spring for curtains... WOOHOO!

2. FInish staining the deck. I'm about half way done... so not too much more. It's crazy time consuming though... rail piece by rail piece. Next time we're getting iron rails :)....

3. Paint great room (Kelli, stop laughing...). This has been an ongoing project for over a year... more like a year and a half. We have a HUGE high wall and I can't reach the whole thing with our ladders. So, half of it is painted, the other half is still the original contractor color. Pathetic. We need to either rent a HUGE ladder or find someone who has one we can borrow. Not to thrilled with having to climb so high (I don't like to wobble) but it REALLY needs to be done soon! It's starting to annoy me.

4. Serious purge of stuff and taking it to Goodwill. I have 2 bags already in the car (yes, they've been there for almost 2 months... oops!) and a couple more about ready to go.

I'm sure there are other things that need to be done (clean carpet, paint master bath, change out huge crap mirror in master...) but we'll see. Not sure if we'll have time :). Thankfully the CHUD starts preschool next week (WOO HOO - all 3 kids in school!!!) so I'll have a couple hour on Tuesday and Thursday's to do my "projects".

Do you have any BIG things to tackle??

Speaking of tackle - GO BUCKEYES!!! First game this Saturday against NAVY.... SO FUN!! :)

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  1. I wasn't even gonna laugh! I know you really want to get that done and I know one day you will. Especially with Mr. 3 going to school. I hope you tackle your list. I need to get out and pull weeds and clean the yard up a bit. And the basement...don't even get me started on the basement!