Monday, August 8, 2011

Destin Sweet Destin....

So can you tell I'm at my "happy place"... the BEACH! Don't mind the dark clouds in the distance... we decided the thunder wasn't going to stop us! We take a trip to Destin almost every year at the same time - the first week of August. It's the cheapest week to rent the condo we love... and probably the HOTTEST week of summer! Crazy... what we don't do to save a buck.

See my lovely orange chair... not only is it a backpack chair... it has a COOLER and a SNACK BAG attached! Seriously... it freed up two hands! Of course, after the kids buckets, shovels, towels, and body board thingies... I decided next year I need one of those cheesy carts people use to drag all their junk down to the shore. It's quite ridiculous!

This year we spent almost all of our time at the beach and pool rather than other random touristy things. We did go on a dolphin watch boat ride... holy hurt the broken tailbone. Kind of ruined it for me. We did see a pod of dolphins with a BABY! WOOT WOOT... very cool.

I thought this picture (not staged at all... ha...) captured the perfectness of my children and the love they share for each other...

sweet, eh? Fakers. :) They love the beach as much as we do... PERFECT! They could dig for HOURS!

This last one is in honor of my dear, sweet husband. He LOVES the concept of surfing and paddle boarding. Being that we live in OH... not near a lake, he takes full advantage of anything "surfing" related when he has the opportunity. So... while we were in Destin, he whipped out his "mini-surfboard" (seriously... that's what it is) and "rode the waves". Fun stuff... keeps him occupied and makes him feel like a stud!

Good times! Next year we might try the Atlantic shore... NC or SC. Not sure yet... any suggestions???


  1. Hey girly!!! I would LOVE to go hang on a beach like that... it's just perfect!

    So to answer your consignment question.... I don't typically shop The Goodwill, we have several women's consignment stores in our area, where you bring in your clothing, and they sell it and give you a cut of what they sold it for! It's a win-win for everyone. Most things are nice, trendyish, and clean. You still have to look but it's way better than the thrift shops like Salvation Army and Goodwill. I seldom find things there, the few times I've gone.


  2. i love the gulf too!!!
    except for the sad broken tail...i am so glad you are in your happy place.
    thank you for sharing with me some of your story. gosh cancer just sucks. i'm so sorry you're having to go through thyroid cancer.

    praying for you while you fight this thing!!! praying for you right now.