Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A little "self-discovery" never hurt a soul......

I've realized that I crave sugar mostly in the afternoons. Around 1pm I start to feel sluggish... the first thing I run to... MOUNTAIN DEW! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE! Have you read what they put in Mountain Dew? Brominated vegetable oil, high-fructose corn syrup, sodium benzoate... doesn't sound very refreshing, right?!

In trying to eat more natural and fresh it amazes me how willingly I put this CRAP into my body!

I bought cookies at the grocery store (they were BOGO... how could I say no?!?!)... looked at the ingredients and about FELL OVER! Half the stuff I couldn't pronounce. Lame. What happened to the simple recipe of flour, sugar, brown sugar, salt, butter, baking soda, and eggs? When things have 16 letters in them... I start to worry!

My plan is to start working out in the afternoons rather than in the mornings. This week is screwed up a bit due to an electrician coming to "play" tomorrow and I'm helping a friend with some housework/kid-care on Thursday. Friday is my day... I'm going to test it out!

We'll see.....