Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Feeling a little FRUITY....

So the last time I was here sharing my "wonderful" words with each of you... I had decided it was time to take back my bad habits and turn them into something new.  Well... I thought it was past time for an update. 

Soda - I no longer drink it.  At all.  Seriously.  Went from drinking 64 ounces of the DEW to drinking 0 ounces of the DEW.  It was rough... understatement of the century.  I do occasionally still drink a coke slushie... but it's a treat.  NOTHING like it was before.  The caffeine headaches were ATROCIOUS!!  But I know that my body is so much better without all of it.

Meat - I no longer eat it.  Okay... so maybe an occasional hot dog... but they aren't really meat, right?  I watched the movie "Forks over Knives" and was inspired to try the whole plant based nutrition deal.  I'm a HUGE steak and potatoes girl... cheeseburgers are my weakness. BUT... I haven't had one since April.  Crazy stuff!  I don't miss meat... not even one teensie, tiny little bit.  Figuring out what to eat has been the hardest... I know now that I HATE tofu.  NASTY, NASTY stuff.  

Fitness - well... I'm HUGELY lacking in this area.  I was doing SO GOOD.... then I got sick, the kids got sick, and VOILA... there goes all the progress I made.  I might start walking again this week... I have a handy, dandy new pedometer (a FITBIT... so fun!) that has been helpful.  It's fun to see how many steps I've walked in a day... and how many flights of stairs I've gone up (and down).  I really need to find some inspiration or a work out buddy... apparently both are helpful :).  

So that's my update.  I might start blogging again... it's kind of fun (I'm such a dork... can't believe I just wrote that).  Maybe I'll post the successful meat-free meals we have here in Schwadville.  Let me tell you... we've had the good, the bad, and the REALLY ugly!  

Peace out for now my little blogging peeps!!!!

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