Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Go Take a Hike!!!

"Spring" in Ohio... gotta love it.  Can be 70 one day, 20 the next.  BUT... when it is nice - we LOVE to get outside!  The new favorite thing for the kids to do... hiking.  Of course, hiking consists of following a dirt trail with the occasional wood bridge. But it works :).  We are SO lucky to have a great system of metroparks to enjoy.  They're free (everyone knows how much I *heart* free stuff) and not a far drive in any direction for us.  It's a great chance for mom and dad to teach the kids about the different types of trees and birds... and eventually flowers. 

This picture is nothing short of a miracle.  I can NEVER get all three kids looking at the same time... with their eyes open!  The boys have their trusty maps... just in case we should get lost (which really is IMPOSSIBLE....).  I think Reese looks totally annoyed... she's thinking "not ANOTHER picture mom!!".  :)  I love to torture the kids....

Isn't this the COOLEST woodpecker?  He was up pretty high - so the picture isn't that great.  He was HUGE.  I've never seen anything like him before... so I was excited :).  Isn't God amazing???  I wish I was even a fraction as creative as He is!


Get out and enjoy SPRING!  It's been a long winter (in so many different ways)... it's time to celebrate new life (my cousin just had her second baby - YEAH!)!  


  1. I don't think I've ever seen a woodpecker...isn't that sad? I'm very excited for the weather right now, we were out a lot last night...nice!

  2. We have had some FABULOUS weather around here lately, haven't we? Gotta love the Metroparks!

  3. I have an award for you over at my place.