Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Interesting read....

Right now I'm reading this book....

For quite some time now I've been feeling really tired and blah. I've been working out and
not seeing ANY results. So I decided to read up on Jillian Michaels latest book. TOTALLY INTERESTING! She list several health things that you could be feeling related to your metabolism. I checked off all but 2! CRAZY!

So now I'm wondering how legit this is. She suggests eating food without toxins (aka ORGANIC), using cleaning supplies (and other household items) without toxins, and being as natural as possible.

With a pure diet and regular exercise you can get your metabolism back on track.... producing the correct amount of certain vitamins and minerals in your body.

So... just thinking of switching over completely to organic has me stressed. We aren't junk food junkies like we used to be... but my kids like certain things a certain way. I would say we are addicted to sugar (time to be honest...) and that needs to change. I feel kind of clueless as to how to make this adjustment to out diet.

If any of you out there in "blogland" have any suggestions... or any words of wisdom - PLEASE SHARE! I'm so close to jumping on the bandwagon of natural and organic... but not quite there yet.

Changing old habits really sucks. That's all I can say... :)


  1. There are a few blogs that I read that are good...under the multiples on my blog there's 4 little men, she's all natural...then there's Keeper of the home, Christian all natural and has great posts ( Try these two, they have great information. Good luck! And I'll see you on Friday.

  2. My tips are drinking tons and tons of water, taking a high potency multi-vitamen and eating lots of protein. Also small protein meals throughout the day. I drink a giant protein shake with fruit in it at 3 every afternoon. I like the book "The Diet Cure." I just read it from the library. We eat organic milk and eggs, but I had no idea that could effect your metabolism.