Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday, June 1...2009

Outside my window...  sunny with a few clouds.  A bit chilly this morning... but it's supposed to warm up!

I am thinking...  about what to do today.  Not sure what yet - besides laundry.  Maybe start my NEXT project!

I am thankful for...  our church and my girlfriends.  I hosted a girls night on Friday night and really enjoyed getting to know some of them better.  LOTS of laughs!!

From the kitchen...  lemon zucchini muffins, steak, freshly picked lettuce, crab cakes... all on the menu this week!

I am wearing...  khaki capris, purple tank (found it yesterday for CHEAP at old navy!)... probably flip flops (what else is there, right??)!

I am going...  to the loony farm - it's been a LONG morning and it's only 9:30!!
I am reading...  "Throw out 50 Things" by Gail Blanke.  Just started it last night, but so far, so good!

I am hoping...  for some rain this week - our grass is SO dry!  BUT... for sunshine tomorrow for R's zoo field trip!

I am hearing...  my favorite country station (92.3 WCOL).  I won tickets to their summer concert "party" last week - 5th ROW!  WOOHOO!!

Around the house...  not to trashed from the weekend (MIRACLE) so basically laundry and tossing out my 50 things (see what I'm reading...)!

One of my favorite things...  Andy's new chair from Ikea... we went down on Saturday and got it for him.  Might have to get a second for myself!  LOVE IT!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  get to the Y at least 4 days this week, paint our small bathroom "vanity" cabinet, maybe try to get to the pool...

What's going on in YOUR neck of the woods?  Join us here....


  1. Hey girlfriend. So sorry I missed Friday night at your house. We'll have to get together so you can give me the run down! You guys should come to dinner this week. I'll make stuffed shells. Come oooonnnn!

  2. Um, can I have a crab cake...they are Rondell's favorite. I need the recipe, pronto!