Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day fun!!

Thanks to my friend Katie (she told me this morning about this festival), we decided to take a road trip to this Ice Cream Festival.  HELLO - a festival alone is way fun... but an ice cream festival??  YEEHAW! :)  It's a beautiful (and hot) day... so perfect for some good family fun!

The kids were SO excited to have balloon animals/hats made.  Of course, they only lasted about 10 minutes before popping... but at least I thought to take pics right away!  I usually forget then get upset when I have no picture record of our day :)...

The food wasn't quite as good as the grub at the Ohio State Fair - but this was some darn good pizza.  Either that or we were just REALLY hungry!  

R and I got to take their first "pony" ride... which turned out to be full size horses.  They LOVED it!  Well worth the $5/each it cost.  R has developed quite the love of horses, so this was extra cool for her.  

Last but not least... the ICE CREAM!!  The portions were HUGE... which we were pretty happy about.  It tasted SO yummy!  I think J ended up wearing more of his than eating... but oh well.  Saving it for later maybe??  

We also saw a magic show... but it was pretty lame.  The magician accidently clobbered one of his kid helpers in the nose and made her cry.  It was the highlight of the show (evil, aren't I??)...

So - if you're near Utica, OH next year over Memorial Day Weekend - it's a festival worth checking out.  Fun times!!

Enjoy your holiday everyone - and remember to keep our service men and women in your prayers!!

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  1. How fun. I love ice cream...we may have to check that out next year. I can also SO hear you saying Yee Haw!