Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Calgon... TAKE ME AWAY!!

Do you ever have those weeks where you wish it would just end?  Like you could just lock yourself in your bathroom... run a warm bubbly bath and stay there until the next century??  We're having one of "those" weeks around here.  

For some reason, my brain is disfunctioning.  I've forgotten important papers, snacks, laundry (smells after a few days...) - all of this VERY unusual for me.  Typically I am ON my game... but for some reason this week I'm really disconnected.

It's almost as though I'm in a mini-bubble.  Strange.  I can't seem to pop out of it either....

So - I had planned to re-do some chairs we found in the "trash" (curbside at a neighbors) this week.  I'll be excited to share them with you all NEXT week - so far I've only found the time to spray paint an UGLY basket I found at Gwill yesterday.  Oh - I did get our earthboxes all set to go too.  :)  Hopefully I'll be back in the game SOON... 

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  1. ME TOO! I have forgotten so much stuff in the past two weeks...I'm overwhelmed. I'll be praying for you and sending you some positive vibes. I would suggest getting a notebook and writing it all down, just to get it out there! Try it.