Friday, May 8, 2009

Our little garden....

I guess now we can officially call it a "garden".  :)  We have sprouts of all kinds!  This year we're trying a square foot garden - they seem to be all the rage.  SO easy to start... and so perfect for our yard with no real garden space.  

Right now we have radishes, bibb lettuce, peas, and 2 types of peppers.  Once the radishes are done... I might do tomatoes or eggplant.  I'm so excited to have a garden - I would love nothing more than to have a HUGE property and "live off the land".  I might try canning too.... we'll see...

So do you see the shadowy figure in the window?

yeah... that's the "chud" trying to escape.  It's his new thing - while I was taking pics of my little garden he wanted to "help".  He now climbs into the windows to unlock them - giving me heart failure EVERYTIME.  He's ridiculous... such a climber.  I feel like we can NEVER leave him alone!!

These are my project for this weekend - our Earthboxes.  Talk about a GENIUS way to grow plants if you only have a patio/deck area for your garden growing.  We used them last year for the first time for tomatoes, green beans, and eggplant.  WOW - our tomato plants were amazing!!  We had green beans for the WHOLE summer... just from these boxes.  No weeds and they "self water" (you add water until it drains from the overflow every few days).  SIMPLE!  My green beans are in their starter pots now... just starting to sprout through the dirt.  We're going to pick up some tomatoes this afternoon.... YEAH!!!


  1. It sounds like I need to come to your house and learn how to plant a garden. My mom wants to do tomatoes and I would love to grow green beans!!! It looks great Jod.

  2. Jodie: HOW do I make these boxes or where do I FIND them.