Friday, May 8, 2009

Inspiration needed....

Let me start with a couple of pics.... please ignore the mess.... R was supposed to clean her room today (she's home "sick" from school) and it's 5pm and STILL not done....

It's time for a RE-DO!!  As you can see her room isn't quite up to par right now.  It's cluttered and FULL of stuff.  I need some inspiration for what to do with it.  I need to keep the color (or something similar... thinking a shade lighter...) because I really don't want to buy new curtains.   She loves art and animals.  R and I play ALL the time in her room - not sure why we have a toy room.  So decent toy storage is important.  I'm going to move a few things out (maybe the million and one stuffed animals stashed under her easel...).... maybe the desk.  

Where do you get your inspiration from?  


  1. Really? I love her room! It's adorable, especially her little desk. BTW, Hyper Homemaker is sad!
    Anyways, I would try PB catalogs for inspiration or displays at stores. Or online at PB Kids or Lands End or The Company Store. Those are good ones where you can get ideas and then buy cheaper.

  2. Think it looks great - I always look to blogs for inspiration. Also, just like Kelli, Pottery Barn is always great in my book.