Thursday, May 21, 2009

Total Randomness (is that even a word??)....

So lately I've noticed some things that really confuse me.  Seriously - to the point that they keep me awake at night... sad, isn't it?  The first being....  

Fake Flowers.  Usually these dust collectors don't bother me much.  BUT - when someone uses them in place of REAL flowers OUTSIDE their home... GAG.  On top of that huge landscaping OOPS... the home is worth well over $600k.  Tacky.  I would love to use a picture of the actual home, but I'm afraid of what the gnomes and other plastic garden creatures may do to me under the cover of darkness.  Strange... really strange.

The next thing....
Perfume.  Not that wearing perfume is wrong... but why would a person LOAD it on BEFORE they work out?  There is a lady at our Y who must shower in perfume before coming.  Today I about passed out from fumes.  I'd rather smell yucky sweat than yucky sweat mixed with a gallon of perfume.  It's whacky!  Makes NO sense to me whatsoever.  

The next thing... no picture for this one.  People who wear SEE-THRU swimsuits!!  It's ridiculous!  Again... at our Y... there is a lady who swims daily.  She gets out of the pool and you can see EVERYTHING!  EWWWWW!  I've tried to come with a way to tactfully say that she's sharing her goods with the world... but really... is there any good way to share that info?  Does she REALLY not realize it?  Flesh colored speedo's are another no-no.  A friend was telling me yesterday that one of the trainers has one... he's creepy enough as it is.  Strange.

Sometimes I just want the madness to end!! :)


  1. That is crazy...all of it. There is a house that I love in our neighborhood but they lose me with the fake flowers outside! Total waste. And yuk, yuk, yuk with the see through lady. Tell her to get a room.

  2. I hear you....and sometimes the fake flowers aren't anywhere near believable. Tht perfume thing is funny!

  3. Randomness is a word. OK, the fake flowers thing. Yes... bad in general. However, I must admit that I have done seasonal window boxes/planters thta use some fake stuff. But it's mixed in with so much real stuff you can't tell. I swear! I'm not a wacko. I don't have gnomes or fake animals! (OK, I have a red ceramic rooster on my porch, but I'm not trying to make you believe he is real.)

    (I do wear a dab of perfume if it's a big night out, but other wise, no. I haven't been in a swimsuit for years, so I'm pretty sure I haven't offended anyone lately...)

  4. Stop by, I gave you an award.