Thursday, June 4, 2009

Playing tag.....

My friend Kelli tagged me in this fun "game"!  The rules are pretty easy to follow…The person who has been tagged lists 6 things about herself then tags 6 other people who do the same.

1.  I LOVE to garden.  It's kind of a new thing for me... I've always enjoyed getting dirt under my nails, but knowing that things we grow can feed us too.... GENIUS! :)  Someday I would LOVE to have an acre or more to have a HUGE garden....

2.  I could live at the beach.  Seriously... I love it.  Growing up, we lived about 25 minutes from Lake Michigan so we were there a lot.  I miss having a large body of water close... this is the first time in my life that I have lived away from something that is so soothing to me.  

3.  My family spent 6 months in Central Africa doing short term missions with some friends.  It was a LONG time ago... but my memories are still very vivid.  If you ever have an opportunity to take a trip to a foreign (think third world) country... TAKE IT!  It will change your life!

4.  I love celebrations... birthday, holidays, just because.  I love to plan the food, games, whatever else is involved.  Sometimes I think I go overboard... but it makes me so happy to see people enjoying themselves.  

5.  There is just something about a cheeseburger that gets my tastebuds ready to go.  I LOVE THEM!  Especially with bacon... mmmmmmm!  This time of year is perfect for making cheeseburgers... I might just have one tonight :)!

6.  This is kind of random... but I love the "old fashioned" hymns.  I grew up in a conservative Baptist church so all we had were hymns.  Praise songs of today are annoying to me... Jesus is NOT by boyfriend - He is my God and Saviour.  My favorite hymns.... "It is well with my soul" and "Power in the blood".  AMAZING songs....!  

Now for people to tag.... being that I'm kind of new to this blog thing, not sure if I have 6 to pass it too... but I'll try :)

Okay, so I'll start with 2... :) (the kids are getting antsy...)


  1. I love hymns too! I will do my list after the kids are in bed tonight.

  2. Now I have that hymn in my head. I'm with you and the beach...I could do it too, in a heartbeat.

  3. You should totally post before and after gardening pics :) I love looking at those...shows great progress too. (and it inspired the rest of us)